We have a true passion for this generation.


The My Generation Youth Rally is an amazing event that is unlike any other. Without the help of our various partners and sponsors this rally would not be possible.


Our Partners

...[MyGen] encourages the youth to have their faith move from ‘observer’ status to ‘participant’ status. It helps them to become engaged with their faith.
— Janette Rieger, CWL Member
Faith journeys are at their best when shared and this is an opportunity to share, ask questions and experience the living heart of the ‘Church.’
— Deacon Joe Lang, RCSD
Christians have been and still are persecuted around the world. By coming together our youth are able to see that they share a common faith and common beliefs and are not alone.
— Shaun Silzer, K of C Member
To me, the rally is an extraordinary event. It is an opportunity for youth to come together and experience God in a real and tangible way.
— Braden Kuntz, Archdiocese of Regina