Can you tell me more about MyGen?

MyGen is a youth rally for high school students. It’s an event where we gather together as one Church to learn, grow, and worship. There’s so many great highlights every year, such as the service projects where we go out into the community and serve those in need, or the dodgeball tournament where the students have a chance to face off against priests, religious, and even Archbishop Don.  There’s also three sessions throughout the weekend led by Leah Perrault where we have a chance to talk about the different doors in our lives, and how opening those doors ultimately lead us closer to Christ.

What does it cost?

The cost is $50 per participant, or $100 per family. So if you register two or more students, you’ll only pay a maximum of $100.

What if I can’t afford the registration fee?

We don’t want money to be the factor that prohibits someone from experiencing MyGen. If money is an issue, sponsorships are available for those who need them. Please email us by clicking here to learn more or to apply.

I noticed it’s a two day event. Do I have to pick up my kids Saturday evening?

MyGen is actually an overnight event, meaning the participants will be sleeping over at O’Neill High School! As a result, please ensure each participant brings with them everything they will need to be comfortable for the night (sleeping bag, air mattress or foamy, pillow, toiletries, change of clothes, indoor shoes, etc). Rest assured, we will have night security and first aid staff on site at all times throughout the night to ensure everyone’s safety.

Who’s the keynote speaker?

Leah Perrault is our keynote speaker this year, in addition to being the Director of Mission at St Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon. When she’s not busy with her day job, she speaks, consults, and writes on the side. Her words find a home at retreats, schools, conferences, book clubs, board meetings, church groups, articles, books, and ~ hopefully ~ in the hearts of those who hear and read them.

Leah has a master’s of arts in pastoral theology from the University of St. Michael’s College at the Toronto School of Theology (2009), and a bachelor’s of arts in English from Campion College at the University of Regina (2005). To learn more about Leah, please check out her website at

I live out of town. Can I drop off my kids the night before?

Billeting is available on the Friday night for those who require it. Simply email before March 25th to get that arranged.

I heard that anyone can come to Adoration. Is that true?

You heard right! Adoration on Saturday evening is open to anyone who would like to attend. It begins at 8:30pm in the old gym. In addition, we welcome the community to join us for Sunday Mass at 11:30am the following morning.

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