Breakout Sessions:


Locker Room Leadership

So how can I be the leader I am called to be on my sports teams and in my everyday life (without preaching at people!)? What does a Christian leader look like in the locker room? Come spend an interactive hour and explore this issue with some coaches and fellow athletes. 


Leading Ladies

"Mean Girls" is a real thing! What does leadership look like amongst our peers? How can we be sure we are a positive force and not a part of bullying and tearing people down? Come brainstorm with us! No mean girls here! 


Leaders Worth Following

Do you feel called to some truly "upfront" leadership? Are you hungry to be an agent of change? Come take a look at the leadership of Pope Francis. How does he lead? Why do people follow? What can we learn from him to become "world changers" ourselves?


Leading From the Side

ALL GIFTS ARE NEEDED! Maybe you will never be the one at the front of a group of people talking... but that doesn't mean you are not called to leadership. Leadership can also be quiet, inconspicuous, and maybe even done from behind the scenes. If you prefer to "lead from the side," this session is for you. Come explore how to make the most of the very specific gifts that God has given you.


Leading With "Style"

Come take a personality profile test to help you more clearly identify how you operate in the world, and therefore, what your leadership style might be! We have to be ourselves! The world doesn't need a version 2.0 of someone else - the world needs YOU!


Somebody Get Me Out of My Way!

This session will look at our self-esteem and self-image, and how an unhealthy one keeps us from being all that we are called to be. Think this issue is maybe holding you back? Let's talk about it!